Sonar  – Underwater Imaging

Almost anything can be located underwater can be located and accurately imaged below the ocean utilizing Sonar. Sonar is the use of sound wavelengths to capture images. These wave lengths are approximately  2,000 longer than those of visible light and often times when poor visibility is present, cameras become ineffective.

REDS is equipped with the state of the art side scan sonar which uses these waves to determine water depth, locate and identify objects in the water.


Direct Divers  – scanning sonar remains the most suitable tool to guide divers in real time. It identifies potential hazards and targets. The sonar can be used to direct a diver to 50 meters

Monitoring the worksite – one of the best uses of the scanning sonar is the diver support in the offshore oil and gas and marine construction industry. There is an enormous safety benefit using this system to monitor the underwater worksite, locate underwater object and determine diver’s positions

Recovery and salvage – recovery and salvage operations range in complexity from retrieving small items by hand to the diver rigging thousand pound loads. Using scanning sonar to monitor the position of the diver adds another level of safety and efficiency to the operation.

Inspections – maintenance and inspection routines can be conducted for structures below the waterline such as bridges and other marine structures