REDS Caribbean Limited provides underwater engineering, rope access and diving services within the oil, gas, petrochemicals and marine industries. In recognition of our legal, financial and moral obligations to all our stakeholders, we intend to operate our business in a manner that will enable us to uphold the highest levels of health, safety and environmental standards of the industry. We are aware that our operations have the potential to pose significant risks to our employees and intend to reduce all of these risks to as low as are reasonably practicable through Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management systems aimed at continual improvements.

As such we have set out specific aims and objectives with respect to health, safety and environment within the company.

REDS Caribbean Limited shall:

  • Comply with all applicable Health, Safety and Environment legislation to which the company is obligated.
  • Ensure that all health, safety and environmental impacts are reduced to as low as is reasonably practicable through the use of various risk management strategies.
  • Improve the competency of all employees through exposure to a series of competency enhancement programs.
  • Utilize internationally accepted standards, associated codes of practice; and procedures for all activities which pose significant risks to all our stakeholders.
  • Investigate and report on all near misses, dangerous occurrences and accidents to prevent their recurrence.
  • Plan for potential emergencies that may arise during the course of our operations so that impacts can be mitigated to the lowest possible levels.
  • Continually review HSE documentation to ensure that they are kept updated and applicable.
  • Audit all activities, procedures, programs to ensure both compliance and conformance, as well as to make changes to these where necessary.
  • Hold quarterly HSE meetings by our HSE committee to discuss matters related to HSE within our worksites.